ALCO ADK hermetic filter-drier with internal solid block.


ALCO ADK is a hermetic filter-drier with internal solid block for use on liquid line.


  •  Solid block
  • Hermetic design
  • Rugged steel shells
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy paint
  • Solder connection made from copper for easy soldering
  • Cushioned flow for non-turbulent performance
  • High water adsorption capacity
  • High acid adsorption capacity y
  • High filtration capacity / efficiency
  • Filtration first for more effective use of surface area of desiccant
  • Compatibility with all new refrigerants / lubricants No CE marking according art. 3.3 PED 97/23 EC
  • HP marking according to German Pressorized Vessel Directive
  • Max. working pressure PS: 45 bar