PIM Test Systems — Portable TETRA 400

Part number PS1L400 MK2

Manufacturer: AWT Acewavetech Co. Ltd.


PIM Test Systems — Portable TETRA 400 (one module) 

with Accesory Kit

Tx Frequency 390 — 400 MHz

Rx Frequency 380 — 384 MHz

Test Port: 1-port (Reverse)

POPT1 — VSWR/DFP (Distance to Faulty PIM) Option

PACC2L — Accessory Kit: low PIM cable 3m, low PIM load 100W,

380-2800 MHz adapters [DIN(f)-DIN(m) / DIN(f)-DIN(f) / DIN(f)-N(m) / DIN(f)-N(f)] torque wrench DIN 7/16 with hard carry case

PIMGEN — PIM Source: Generator with preset PIM value 80dBm (+/-10) for quick indication and system test.