Rubber expansion Joint, DN 80, L=150 mm, 10 bar


Joints, expansion
Description           DOUBLE BELLOW
Nominal pressure        10 bar
Material             RUBBER
Applicable temperature range -15 TO +115 C
-30 TO -250 C (UNDER
Pressure designation, flange ASA CL 80
Type               DOUBLE SPHERE
Size               DN 80 3 in
Length              150 mm
Thickness, flange        20 mm
Number of bolt          8
Diameter, bolt hole       18 mm
Central diameter, bolt hole  160 mm
Axial displacement, extension 10 mm
Axial displacement,
compression           20 mm
Horizontal displacement    25 mm
Angular deflection (a1+a2)  30
Manufacturer           GONGYI XINLI PIPELINE
Manufacturer Part Number    JDG-A- DN80

The material of rubber is EPDM.
The material of flange is SS304.